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Book Tag | Rapid Fire

Thank you to Marie at Maries Book Boutique who tagged me in this wonderful tag! The nomination was fabulous, as I love a good tag, they're fun and always so different! I love reading everyones different answers, and getting a feel for what they're like. Great way to find new blogs! 

rapid fire book tag
Ebooks or physical books?
eBooks all the way. I adore the feeling of a fresh new book, the smell, the feel, the hope of not cracking a spine. But 90% of my reading time is spent on the bus, or in the bath so the safest option for me. Plus eBooks are generally cheaper than paperbacks. 
Paperback or hardback?
Paperback. I have joint issues and my hands can be quite painful sometimes, so holding a hardback is just a little too much for me nowadays. 
Online or in-store shopping?
Online. again convenience wins for me here too. Hoping onto Book Depository or Amazon is cheaper, easier and far more convenient than having to wait until weekend and paying full RRP at Waterstones!
Trilogies or series?
Trilogy. I have the patience of a child, and after three books unless I am whole heatedly invested in the series I'll probably give up after three books. i just don't find they hold enough of a storyline for me. 
Heroes or villains?
Villains! They're miles more fun to read about. Mwahaa I'm a sucker for an evil genius.
A book you want everyone to read
Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall. This is one of those books I will shove on everyone, everyday, everywhere I can for the rest of life. It's beautiful, heartbreaking and so so real. 
Recommend an underrated book
The Wedding Speech by Isabelle Broom, I had never even seen this book before and bought it on a whim. It was so unexpected, and insanely powerful reading. For 99p and an hour of your life, I'd recommend everyone read this book. 
The last book you finished
The Choir on Hope Street by Annie Lyons. I absolutely adored this book and is so far one of the best books I've read all year, and by far for a very long time. Community spirit, the meaning of friendship, and the ways of coping with heartbreak, along with some fabulously nostalgic tunes it's bound to make your heart beat. 
Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmarker?
Ummm, thinking thinking thinking AHH! I've used so many things from train tickets, motorbike tickets, coasters, but i think the weirdest thing would have to be my phone. I do it all the time, especially when I've finished reading at night, I'm cosy warm the last thing I want to do is move. 
Used books- yes or no?
Usually no, only because I like my books in pristine condition and if they're not it plays with my OCD like you wouldn't believe. But I do love to find some little gems from used book sales etc. 
Top three genres?
Womens Fiction/Romance - diving into a new Paige Toon, Annie Lyons or Rebecca Raisin book just fills my heart with joy. They're perfectly sweet, innocent and heart warming.
Young Adult - These are just fabulous aren't they? Both YA fantasy and Contemp are good for me. YA wasn't really a thing when I was a young adult, I enjoy getting lost in a world created using characters of a certain age that excel, show teens and young adults what they can achieve. YA for the win. 
Fantasy - Newbie for me. It is only just growing on me but what is I'm really getting into. Full of exciting battle scenes, story lines that make your heart race they're sure to keep you entertained. 
Borrow or buy?
Buy every time. Im really bad for this but I can't help it, what of I love it and need a copy of my own?  I love to fill my shelves with worlds i've discovered, storyline I haven't yet. The endless possibilities, the different worlds, characters, authors journeys. All on one shelf, Brilliant. 
Characters or plot?
Characters, the plot can be amazing but if the characters are unrealistic and unlikabel you aren't really got a book. Where as if the plot isn't exactly killer but the character are loveable and engaging then you can keep with it. 
Short or long?
Short every time. See short attention span above. I am really intimidated by long books, and long series. To the point where I'll avoid it for some time and sometimes just end up not reading at all. I must have missed out on some wonderful pieces of literature because of this.
Long or short chapters?
Middle. I don't exactly like short chapters, because I don't see the point. But when reading at night a long chapter can feel like a real drag. But then again I'm a rebel, I don't always wait for the end of a chapter to go to sleep. I know, carnage.
Book to movie or TV adaptation?
Movie. The book to movie adaptations usually are a bigger win for me. The TV adaptations don't seem to have as much emphasis or care and attention taken into them. Book to movie I often find have more detail and keep closer to the book (LOL I KNOW!). But then again TVD was a real win for me. It can depend, it all comes down to how close to the book they stay. 
Fave Book to TV: The Vampire Diaries
Fave Book to movie: Twilight
Name the first three books you can think of
Opal by Jennifer L Armentrout - Current read. The LUX series is incredible, definitely one of my favourite series I have ever read. Also above three book and I'm STILL in love with it. Plus, the LUX series is what started my friendship with Alisha (Reality's a Bore). We legit bonded over books!
Not Quite Perfect by Annie Lyons - This book is one of my all time favourite novels. It made me laugh, cry and made a friend out of Annie. It broke a year long reading slump and made me fall in love with reading again. 
Down on Daffodil Lane by Rebecca Pugh - This book is unforgettable for me. I read this is one sitting, which is itself is unusual for me. I was completely immersed in the storyline, the characters. I have seen Rebecca grow as an Author all the way back from her starting her writing career, and I think this is her best yet. 
Books that make you laugh or cry?
Twilight. I think these are the first YA books I ever read, and possibly the really proper start of the YA genre. Which when I was back in huh school wasn't really a thing. If it wasn't for Twilight keeping me reading in High School I think I'd have truly lost my passion for it. It hd heartbreaking moments, and proper laugh out loud moments too. 
3,096 days. This book is heartbreaking. That's all I can say. It really is the saddest book I've ever read. I changed reading this book. It's something I can't describe, it's not for the faint hearted but read it. 
It's All a Load of Shit. Okay a very satirical book, and a take the piss kind of book too but it really did me make laugh. Like side splitting, raw honesty kind of laughing. brilliant, quick easy definitely not spell checked or edited. But comedy gold. 
Our world or fictional worlds?
Fictional hands down. Let's be honest, our world isn't all that great right now is it? Reading is an escape, a way to find yourself somewhere else, a different continent, different world, galaxy anything fictional to escape what is going on at the moment. Regardless of how much things improve, another world, a jump from reality to fiction will win every time
Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?
Yes, terribly so. I always judge a book by its cover. If the cover is pretty it'll automatically gain my attention and I'm more than likely going to buy it unless the blurb does sound pretty naff. But I'm more likely to take a gamble with a nicer, more aesthetically pleasing cover than one with a duller less attractive cover. Sorry, not sorry.
Series or standalone?
Standalone if possible, but it can depend. Sometimes a book needs another book to further on the storyline to stop the original book being too much. A duo logy was made for people like me, its the perfect balance for me. Not a series, technically, not a standalone. Just enough to keep me entertained but not too uch to intimidate me or get bored. 
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