Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Chai Kai | Coconut Rose

Company: Chai Kai Tea
Tea Type: Black 
Flavour: Coconut Rose 
Loose or Bagged: Loose
Rating: 4.5*
Water Temperature: 100' degrees
Time: 3 Minutes
Price: £3 for 20g. £5.50 for 100g
Description: Smooth and well-rounded Sri Lankan Black Tea blended with sweet Coconut and fragrant Rose Petals, creating an elegant and alluring combination that will seduce your senses.
Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea (85%), Rose Petals (10%), Desiccated Coconut (4.5%), Flavouring.

Thank you to Chai Kai for sending me this fabulous pouch of tea for me to try! When Chai Kai first contacted me and I had chance to have a little nosey around their website I was amazed at the range of flavours Chai Kai had to offer from their Coconut Rose to Mango and Lime and the Apple and Cinnamon to Peppermint and Cardamom, which but he way all sound amazing! 

I'm the biggest fan of Coconut in anything, so this tea was definitely right up my alley and I was super lucky to get this choice. 

The black tea in this blend is such a high quality tasting tea, it's clean, it's fresh and utterly soothing undertones for the nutty coconut and floral notes of Rose that run through this tea. I really enjoyed this tea hot, and I think this is the bets way for this tea. I'm not *too* sure how this would work cold?

I really enjoyed this tea and can see me going through the full bag pretty quickly if I'm honest, it's just perfectly blended. Not too sweet, the rose isn't overpowering like with most floral teas they can become perfume like, but this just gave that subtle undertone that lifted the coconut. 

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